Welcome to a completely different approach to your business - one that puts your reputation management front and center. Long term success in today's environment always hinges back to organisational structure and culture, hard to define and even harder to perfect. Sometimes it takes an external set of eyes to see the gaps and a clear strategy to close them. That's where we come in. 

Why? Because marketing has changed radically in the past decade and today, the old methods of both talent and customer acquisition (and retention) no longer work. Your potential customers, both internal and external, have a wealth of information at their fingertips with which to make decisions about your business and it’s largely a one way street - they see you, but while you can target them with clever digital marketing, you can’t actually see them in the same way until after they've already engaged.  

As a result, it’s your brand reputation that underpins not only current turnover but also future success. Everything your business does has to accurately convey your brand values which must be lived, not just stated, and even more critically, any negative issues need to be effectively managed before they create lasting damage.  

We work with small, medium and large scale businesses and in several different and uniquely tailored ways - with one-off projects involving specific elements, like marketing, crisis management, PR, copy writing and design, right through to developing a comprehensive long-term strategy for reputation management, including all aspects of marketing, culture and organisational structure.  

Whether you have an urgent problem that needs solving right now or you want a longer term strategy to grow market share and future proof your business, we’ve got the experience to help. 

Who we are

Lisa Pennell

& associates

Perhaps most simply described as a ‘fixer of hard problems’, Lisa Pennell has had an extensive career over more than two decades of working with businesses of all sizes and across a variety of industries. 

A strong leader with a sharp and strategic mind and a niche specialty in crisis and reputation management, Lisa is quickly able to uncover the issues affecting business outcomes and deliver effective strategies that have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Lisa most recently took on the role of Chief Operations Officer for Harcourts Australia, the country's second largest real estate brand after working with the group as a consultant for several months. In this role, Lisa restructured the operations team, successfully implementing a new in-country marketing team while managing a number of strategic product rollouts and partnerships for group.

Prior to this, Lisa was Head of Marketing at the Ray White Group, Australia’s largest real estate group, capping off over 20 years of working closely with the White family as a consultant, managing all matters of crisis as well as leading a number of critical projects.

In just two years in this role, Lisa had successfully recalibrated the group’s brand, resolved some key issues within the remit, and built a high performing team.

Lisa again returned full-time to her own business in July 2022, picking up with many of her past clients.

Working as needed with a team of specialists who share her passion for excellence, Lisa has a solid reputation of working hard to ensure every client achieves their unique objectives.

Our Services

Training and Development


Ever walked away from a customer or employee interaction having done your best to help but getting nowhere, left saying “why are people like this”?

The majority of reputational damage comes from a lack of process and/or education around conflict management. 

Conflict escalates because of only two reasons - one is circumstantial, in that the situation is a serious one, or the other is due to the personalities involved, in that one or sometimes both parties are high conflict people. 

Lisa’s light hearted and compelling tailored training sessions and keynote presentations empower participants to identify the types and levels of conflict and arm them with the tools and skills they need to effectively handle situations, without incurring reputational damage. 


You have a problem, we have solutions

Boundless opportunity exists for businesses that have the aspiration to grow. But how to capitalise on opportunity is not always so clear. 

Sometimes clients come to us with a clear idea of what they need. Sometimes, it’s not so obvious and the solution takes significant analysis and creative thinking.  There may be a quick fix, or a lot of support over an extended period may be needed.

It could be you have a reputational issue to solve, crisis or endemic, it might be that your culture is off track and you can't put your finger on why. It could be that you need a marketing strategy or even leadership coaching. 

Either way, we’re happy to sit with you to scope out what you might need and how we could help - no obligation!

What people say

Dan White

Director, Ray White Group

On behalf of my family, the corporate team, and indeed the whole network, we thank Lisa for her enormous contribution to our group over the past two and half years. We approached Lisa to lead our marketing efforts at a time when we had many issues with our marketing platform and brand consistency. Lisa’s ability to find solutions to these immediate challenges, as well as to continue to enhance the pride in our brand presence will be valued for years to come.

Lisa has recruited and developed many outstanding individuals who have continued to develop from her leadership. She has established a remarkable team of which she is justifiably proud.

We will miss Lisa’s unyielding work ethic, unwavering commitment to our members and calm under pressure. We have worked with Lisa in various capacities for the past 19 or so years, so our relationship has endured for too long for it not to continue in some way in the future.

Ben Hatch

Director, Harcourts Mandurah WA

Lisa Pennell would have to be one of the most approachable and solution driven individuals that I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with.

We have been privileged at seeing a range of Lisa’s skill sets used first hand on and off the stage from the delivery of innovative marketing solutions to high calibre business owners, through to her impeccable assistance with crisis management in our sizeable business.

Lisa’s skills along with her caring personality shone through with her assistance towards one of our new Representatives in their first month of employment, who innocently touched a nerve with a vocal member of the community whilst looking for new business. Within 48 hours, every reporter in Australia, then the world latched onto, targeted and made their own perceived assessment good and bad, towards an innocent individual whose intent was clear, but was immediately labelled under the category of a Real-estate agent.


Lisa not only managed the media in a positive and unbiased manner, but also life coached our new employee through a horrendous period of discrimination, horrific bullying and receiving demoralising messaging from the community, turning a negative into a positive outcome for both our business and our employee.

Sonya Treloar

SALES DIRECTOR, Ray White Bridgeman Downs & Ray white Albany Creek 

Unyielding in the face of adversity. A woman of incredible strength and character. Innovative and persistent, and above all else a leader in her field. Having known and worked closely with Lisa for almost 10 years, and sought her advice and guidance in several challenging events, I can attest to the calm and methodical approach Lisa brings with her in her arsenal of innovations and solutions.

Lisa has a unique ability to grasp the most challenging and complex problems and provide well thought out and executed solutions, no matter what the medium or situation.

Lisa's role as CMO for the Ray White Group brought change that was much needed for a brand that was highly revered but inconsistent in their message. Lisa took all that was and streamlined to what it is today, a strong consistent brand right throughout the group irrespective of postcode.


Lisa is a powerful and knowledgeable woman that brings many years of experience to every situation. I would think there are few that would rival her strength and integrity.

Craig Gillies

Director of Growth, Coronis

I have utilized Lisa’s services on and off for more than a decade and I can unequivocally say that in my time in the Real Estate Industry, I haven’t met anyone else with the ability to clearly distill and get to the heart of an issue like Lisa can.

I have worked with her on key industry campaigns, had her do some high level brand consulting and crisis management consulting in our business and these skills (among her many others) really deliver outcomes.

Her knowledge of the industry is second to none and her ability to connect with people is an invaluable asset in formulating and delivering a strategy. Nothing is ever too much trouble or “out of scope” and she is always available for a chat and advice when needed.

On top of all this, for me what I like about working with Lisa is her approach and the honesty and integrity she brings to everything she does. Conversations are always clear candid and designed to deliver results.

If you are looking for a refreshing no bullshit approach that delivers results for your business I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough.

Domenic Belfiore

Business Director/Owner, Ray White Werribee

Lisa Pennell is an undeniable leader in her chosen field.  An effective leader and strategic thinker, Lisa has an unbelievable ability to handle the most challenging of situations. 

I have never seen another individual who has the patience and ability to defuse the most hostile of circumstances. 

During my time as CEO of Ray White Victoria I Tasmania, she was instrumental in her efforts to ensure brand consistency was executed across our network of 800+ offices nationally.  She worked with many of our business leaders on conflict and crisis management and assisted many of our people with effective strategies to ensure the medium to long term success of their businesses. 

Her work ethic, dedication and commitment is undeniable.  She is an asset to any aspiring business.  I would have zero hesitation in recommending Lisa Pennell & Associates. 

I look forward to continuing to work with her in my current role as real estate business owner and have no doubt many others would feel the same. 

Ben Clarence

Sales manager, DIAKRIT

Having worked alongside and in partnership with Lisa Pennell for the past 5 years, I have had the privilege of seeing Lisa’s work first hand as she rolled out rebrands, marketing campaigns and various initiatives. She is a brilliant leader in the field of marketing & PR, and a brilliant strategic thinker, who is able to communicate complex plans effectively across both a boardroom table, and to a large audience of diverse individuals. I would have no hesitation taking a call to personally recommend Lisa’s work, and look forward to a continued business relationship with her.

Matt Sims

CEO, Ray White One Group

I wanted to thank you for all your help in your time at Ray White, your assistance and guidance has been invaluable for my businesses and we would not be where we are today without your training and perspective changing about how we handle clients.

The biggest impact you have made in my business is getting me to realise the danger of an angry client and that we need to treat these people in a very specific way. I clearly remember the day you taught me that it doesn't matter who is right or wrong, if we battle with certain clients they will go out of their way to ruin our reputation through social media. My instinct is to defend my team when a client is attacking their work, however I now realise that this creates enormous conflict if done the wrong way.

As a result of this lesson we have changed our perspective and our customer service strategy when handling certain clients which would have saved us certain damage over the last 10 years.

I also appreciate your ability to get a feel for a situation and offer advice on what is a fair outcome for some of the very unusual conflicts that a business of our size finds them in dealing with over 20,000 clients a year through broking, open homes, tenants, vendors and other clients.

Finally the conflict resolution training that you have offered our staff over the last 10 years is second to none, your ability to allow our team feel that it is normal to have conflict but it's how we handle the conflict that is the thing that separates a good business from a great one is a valuable lesson. Our team members are now armed with real solutions to conflict that they can use in their everyday lives to help customers and themselves find solutions to difficult issues and then move on without as bigger impact on them or the client.

Thank you again and I look forward to working together in the near future as our businesses can't do without your brilliant mind and approach to problems.


Stewart Bunn

National communications manager, First National

When it comes to online reputation or media crisis management, Lisa Pennell is the person to have in your corner! Her calm, incisive, objective mindset combines with strategic intellect to identify vulnerability, resources and opportunities, to cut to the nub of any business challenge quickly. She is hard-working and determined, yet consultative - always willing to question and challenge her thought streams as well as those of others, with a singular goal of achieving the best outcome. Having worked with Lisa on communications and campaign strategies during two Australian federal election campaigns, as well as a competitor, her capacity to engage and lead teams, and indeed entire industry sectors, is widely acknowledged. I would happily recommend Lisa to any organisation seeking a partner in advancement.



Dancing when the spotlight’s on you

The chief operations officer at Harcourts Australia sits down with Grace Ormsby and Sadhana Smiles to share how she was able to help the network use the global crisis as the foundation for Harcourts’ transformation – just a couple of weeks into her role. Lisa also shares what made her change her mind in going back to a corporate leadership role and proposes the right question to ask when a business faces a challenge, instead of the usual “When will this end?”

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Putting your best brand forward

"Something I have constantly checked myself on is that I'm not working too long. I think when you work too long, you actually become less productive. It's really important to stay engaged with the network, to take time out, to have conversations with people because you can completely reset your thinking by stepping away." - Lisa Pennell


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